Sunja's Kimchi

IMG_0171 Thank you for visiting my web site! My company, Sunja’s Oriental Foods evolved from my affection for healthy eating and my desire to serve my family and my friends good food. My love for preparing delicious and healthy meals for friends and for family soon transformed into a desire to do the same for others. I believe in the importance of natural foods with live enzymes, which help the digestive process; are loaded with flavor; are low in salt content; are low in cholesterol; and free of trans fat and saturated fats. These desires and my Korean heritage have led to my products, Sunja's Kimchee and Sauces.

Kimchi is a delicious way to eat right and to enjoy the traditional Korean food named “one of the top 5 healthiest foods in the world" by Health Magazine. Made with the freshest ingredients and never any preservatives, Sunja’s products offer a simple way to prepare delicious and healthy meals for your family. My products include no MSG and no chemical additives or preservatives.

bowl Please explore my website to find out more information about the traditional Korean dish Kimchi and the health benefits it provides, in addition to product information and a recipe section. Also, please check back regularly in my “Tips from Sunja” section for quick and easy suggestions for how you can serve your family healthy, delicious meals and snacks.

I want everyone to enjoy my products and to eat healthy. I truly appreciate your suggestions and your feedback; I look forward to serving you!