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How will my order be shipped?

All of our products are shipped using an insulated bag and ice packs to ensure they arrive to you as fresh as when they left our facility.

We use carriers such as FedEx or UPS to deliver your package.

Our delicious products should be refrigerated immediately upon receipt.

Are your products organic?

We do offer an Organic line of products that is produced from certified organic food products that is purchased from certified, reputable farmers and suppliers.

All of Sunja's Kimchi and sauces are All-Natural products made with no preservatives or artificial anything, ever!

Do you add probiotics?

All of our products are naturally fermented, which creates the probiotics organically in our kimchi.

We do not add any starter or additional probiotics.

Why is my product bubbling?

The bubbles you see in the jar are entirely normal! The product is under continuous fermentation, which creates bubbles & expansion.

Checkout Policy

We want to make sure your Sunja's products reach you safe and sound. Because our products are packed in glass jars and are refrigerated, we are limiting orders to a maximum of six - 16oz jars or 1 - One Gallon pail.

If you need additional product, please place another order.

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