About Us

sunjacookingSunja’s Oriental Foods, Inc. was created in 1993 when Sunja began giving international cooking classes in her small Vermont community.  Soon, she developed an enthusiastic following of health conscious neighbors interested in healthy, delicious eating.    Years before the health- food movement began, Sunja realized the foods we eat contain chemical additives and decided to make a change and create all natural foods that the whole family could enjoy. This passion led her to develop a line of sauces that every home could use to prepare quick, easy, and healthy meals without preservatives.

As a native of Seoul, Korea, Sunja’s daily diet included kimchi – a traditional Korean dish served at every meal and loaded with vitamins and beneficial probiotics.  When she moved to Vermont in 1973, she learned to make her own kimchi (there were not too many specialty food stores in Vermont back then!)  Soon, Sunja began her mission – to introduce everyone to the Korean superfood and promote clean, healthy eating for all.  Sunja’s Kimchi was created and continues to be a delicious, raw, vegan, gluten free, fermented probiotic product  – and every bit as delicious as it was when she started making her own in 1973!